Saturday, April 7, 2007

Climate Change, Despair and Empowerment

Ross Gelbspan, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of “Boiling Point”, speaks about climate change; the politics and solutions.
John Seed addresses the psychological tools that will help us handle the feelings of despair that may arise from contemplating this material, and how we can transform these feelings into empowerment and creative action.

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At April 8, 2007 at 7:08 AM , Anonymous John Seed said...

Chris, thanks for posting this. We've done about 50 "Climate Change, Despair & Empowerment" presentations in Australia thus far, organising Climate Action Groups at each event see

Heading for more of the same in N America 35 events starting Miami on Friday see

I've been invited to possibly do something similar in Hong Kong and maybe China starting with translation and subtitling of this DVD. I see you've spent decades there, if this comes to pass, would you be interested to help plan and publicise this tour?

Send me a mailing address if you'd like a DVD of "Climate Change, Despair & Empowerment" or of Ross Gelbspan's "Boiling Point".

I give these away at all my events to anyone who agrees to use them to educate family, friends or community.

I'm with the Rainforest Information Centre and our videos stream from

Check out

for the Earth

John Seed

Rainforest Information Centre
Box 368 Lismore NSW 2480
02 66897519


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